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The Five Best Ways to get Traffic to an Adult Website

Indeed, the adult content industry is beyond lucrative. With billions of dollars a year in revenues and profits, affiliates want their piece of the action, too. There is no doubt, however, that adult content is a tough industry. What works in regular affiliate marketing does not work with porn. For various reasons, the methods of promotion are significantly different. The biggest reason is that adult is X-rated and many websites that are family-rated do not want adult related articles or links on their websites. This limits or changes the way in which promotion is done. Therefore, adult content falls into its own way of doing business. And you cannot really rely on the search engines and other websites to send you traffic. The competition will annihilate most webmasters. So, how do you drive traffic to your new adult website? Following are the five best ways to get traffic to an adult website.
Join Communities and Groups

Adult content websites need qualified visitors. Those are people who actually want to pay for good porn material. To find these people, it might be wise to join online communities and search engine groups in order to promote your site. Look for groups of people that are talking about the niches upon which you have built a site. Adult content is segmented by niches so choose groups carefully. For example, just because some of the members are talking about porn between men and women does not mean they are going to buy your gay adult content. You have to know your audience and promote accordingly. Also, adult webmaster forums are good for learning and networking, but you are not going to find any customers there. Again, be choosy when you look for places to join.
Paid Advertising

Paying for advertising does work for sites that are advertised in the right places on the internet. There is a lot of junk traffic out there, though, and this method refers to sponsoring a page on a high trafficked site or even purchasing a banner or text link. To benefit from paid advertising, you usually need money upfront. Your advertising budget should be substantial and you need to find good quality sites that already have a following. Some of the adult webmasters that have been around for years are in high demand when it comes to accepting advertising. As lucrative as these spots can be in terms of sending you qualified traffic, they are very expensive to purchase. And rightfully so. The owner of the site has to weigh the lost revenue from sending you his leads against the revenue brought in by the advertising. Belgian Inbound Marketing Collective Inbound uses deep analysis of conversion data to track ROI’s – which means more analysis costs, but less bad marketing spend!
Adult Directories

There are directory websites for everything on the internet. While most experts today say that links from these sites are somewhat worthless, you need all the help you can get when promoting adult content. Because there are so many directory sites for porn, it is better to make a list and choose the more active ones for site submission. Look for older directories that have a lot of traffic. You might not get much traffic from these sites, but they can help to get your started, plus the backlinks can’t hurt.
Expired Domains

Despite the fact that it is harder to buy expired domains with type-in traffic, there still exist many good opportunities. If you can get names that previously had adult content, then you have ready made traffic for your site. You can either add one of your sponsor networks to the domain’s homepage, or you can redirect the domain and its traffic to your adult content site. Webmasters that have large numbers of these domains in their portfolios do make money from the redirected traffic.
Traffic Trading

This form of traffic generation is based on two websites agreeing to help one another with existing traffic. In other words, you have a website that is getting twenty thousand hits per day. You find another website that gets the same amount and you contact the owner to trade traffic. You agree to send two-thousand hits to his site, and he sends two-thousand back to your site. Traffic trading is typically done with porn and gambling sites, and there are many scripts available to manage the exchange (not to be confused with traffic exchange networks).

Further, traffic trading is not recommended for new sites, as the traffic will not be there to satisfy the agreement. And you can’t fake your numbers, because the other site owner will know right away whether you sent any traffic or not.

Traffic trading does take time because you typically build relationships with other webmasters. Plus, you have to build up traffic first, before you can contact anyone. Often, when you visit a porn site, you might find that you are redirected elsewhere, or that the site loads a bunch of popunders. These are ways to send visitors to other sites involved in traffic trading.

One of the biggest problems with adult traffic is the number of people that are looking for free content. They want to read erotic stories and jokes for free; they want to see nude pics for free; and they don’t want to sign up for anything. You can gets lots of these tire kickers, but they only waste your bandwidth and time. You can’t covert someone who is looking for free content.

Similarly, you need to understand that it might take a thousand visitors to convert one. Many affiliate programs disclose their average conversion rates. The numbers are generally very high. That is why you need thousands of visitors every day to make money in adult content.
Also, you should be leery of junk traffic. There are many sites claiming to send traffic when, in fact, the traffic is either fake, or it is not from other porn sites. For instance, it might come from any type of redirected domain. If the domain used to have pet advice on it, those people who are being redirected are going to run fast when they see a porn site load. That traffic is worthless.

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