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How To Make Money Online with Adult Sites

Adult niched websites earn in the billions of dollars collectively. There is no shortage of genres, types of memberships, payment options, and transmission methods. Hard core porn, soft core, dating, one-time viewing, pay-per-view, recurring monthly payments, videos, professionals, amateurs, reality stars, and static pictures all make up the adult industry on the internet. There is only one motive and that is to get users to commit to spending their money whether it be a dollar for a trial or twenty-five dollars per month for regular viewing. And to up the ante, adult-run sites enlist affiliates to help promote their programs. These are called adult affiliate networks and they know how to make money online with adult sites.

pornoIf you know anything about earning money on the internet, the adult market is drastically different. It is relatively easy to get someone to commit to buying a ten dollar dog leash from your pet site by adding a few text links or banners. It is not as easy, though, to get someone to commit to adult content, also known as porn. Having said that, there are many webmasters earning thousands of dollars promoting various adult programs through desktop wallpapers, desktop applications, selling of videos, encouraging users to sign up for dating sites or friend sites that include the promise of something a little extra, and buying memberships for any fetish imaginable. The industry may be harder to infiltrate in terms of profit than it was ten years ago, but it is still lucrative, nonetheless. Today’s market is also more sophisticated due to advanced technologies and high definition feeds, so older methods of showing adult content are not in demand as much.

To continue, let’s review exactly how to make money online with adult sites. More importantly… how do adult affiliate networks operate and pay affiliates?

Generally speaking adult affiliate networks pay on sales. If you are responsible for someone signing up to a program, you receive a commission. Before we speak about the actual percentages, though, we should define the adult internet industry.

The adult niche includes various websites that promote:

toys, books, videos, and adult sex paraphernalia,
dating websites and more hard core friend sites,
VOD (video on demand) sites,
desktop applications where the users can download different strippers,
high definition feeds and videos,
over a hundred niches or fetishes,
erotic stories,
featured stars in the adult industry,
unknown amateurs,
and webcams.

In terms of commissions, there are several standard ways adult affiliate networks pay. The industry leaders in adult content offer similar programs to the five methods listed below:

Percentage Commission on Sales – For store-type sites such as adult toys, the companies offer commissions in the same way as regular affiliate programs. For each item sold, there is a percentage given to the affiliate that was responsible for the sale. Sometimes there are tiers, meaning that the higher the sales volume, the higher the percentage rate. There may be commissions for affiliate referrals, too.

Trial Signups – Often, a user wants to try a program or website first to view the quality of the content, the type of content, and whether or not he will enjoy the content. To attract these types of people to memberships, the affiliate networks offer potential customers trial memberships which might last a couple hours up to twenty-four hours for as little as $1.00 or $2.95. In these types of programs, the affiliate network gives the webmaster anywhere from $25 to $40 on each signup.

Now, you might wonder why they pay so much when they only brought in a couple dollars. The key here is the conversion of that customer. If the affiliate network can convince that customer to buy a porn membership, and if he pays for six more months, the network has made a profit. It only had to pay you a one-time commission, yet the network was paid for every month the customer paid.

Revenue Share or Partnership – These adult network programs can be lucrative and are typically passive income for the affiliates. If they choose to share in the ongoing revenue, they make money every month from the customers that stay with the program. If they have hundreds of customers at once, with a sixty to seventy-five percent share in the membership fees, the payments can add up.

But, this method is aimed toward website owners who can afford to wait for the bigger payouts or who are in the business for the long-term. What happens with revenue share, the webmaster earns very little in the beginning because he is taking a percentage of a small amount, the trial membership in some cases. If the affiliate network can convert that lead to a full membership, then the money becomes greater. The monthly revenue increases.

For partnership programs to be profitable to the affiliate, however, the network must be very good at converting leads. The affiliate depends on the network to provide top notch porn, excellent support, and fresh content, so that the customer will stay with the program. If the network cannot offer those features and entice a customer to stay on, the affiliate has gambled on the wrong program for payments. He should have signed up to be paid for trial signups and took what he could for sending his traffic to the network’s site.

This is why it is important to view the company’s promotional material before committing to a payment plan. Additionally, many serious adult webmasters actually sign up for memberships to the sites so that they know what is being offered to customers.

Webcams – Voyeurism is huge on the internet. Plus, everyone wants his/her name in lights. Just take a look at all the videos uploaded on the various free video submission sites. Adult content is no different, except customers pay for the privilege of seeing the person in the webcam. The webcams might be offered by individuals running the equipment in their homes, or by adult content conglomerates displaying activities filmed in a studio. Either way, the affiliate programs offer a percentage of the fee billed for watching the person live in the webcam. A set rate may also be the norm.

Pay Per Install programs need plenty of volume to be profitable. The payment rates are not as high as revenue share or trial signups. In fact, the commissions are usually a few dollars at best. But some programs pay for rebills and if you have a site that generates enough traffic, PPIs might prove to be added cash earners.

There is no doubt that the money is there for the taking in the porn industry. Buyers are plentiful, commissions are high, and new content is being created every minute. It is no wonder adult affiliate networks understand how to make money online with adult sites.

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